Since it is the 10th anniversary we are planning 2 days of fun!

For those than can make it to come for a ride on Friday (July 31) we are planning a scenic ride to the Woodstock site (50th anniversary was 2019). The ride is xxx miles round trip which leaves plenty time to visit the Woodstock museum and see the site:

....... link to Woodstock ride pdf and gpx files.

For Saturday (August 1) we are planning a traditional ride, in keeping with the original intent of introducing new riders to a few gravel roads and finding curvy roads to stitch them together. Since there are some that really don't like to ride in the mud or dust or simply like to keep their bikes clean, we are preparing an all blacktop alternate ride as well:

....... link to Saturday ride pdf and gpx files.

....... link to Saturday all blacktop ride pdf and gpx files.

And those that have other or better ride ideas, contact us and we will post your rides here as well ;-)